Games at European Online Casinos

One of the great benefits of playing in a European online casino is the selection of games that are offered. Each casino will offer different game titles and players will find all types of casino games that they would enjoy in a land based casino There are a huge array of slots, many table games and even specialty games that can be enjoyed.

Progressive Jackpots

Games that offer a progressive jackpot are among tem post popular for European players. These games also offer base game payouts, but players will have the ability to win a massive jackpot payout that can be life altering. There are some casino games that offer a base jackpot starting at a million Euros, so this is an excellent way to receive a huge payout online. Progressive jackpot games will cost more to play as many games will require a side bet if they are a table game. Slots that feature progressive jackpots often require players to place a maximum bet to be eligible for the jackpot. When choosing jackpot games, players should make sure the regular game payouts are also decent.

Progressive jackpot games can be found at all leading European online casinos and most of these games are slots. However, there are blackjack variations, poker games, video poker and other table and card games that also feature the chance to walk away with a huge progressive payout when playing the games for real money wagers.

3 Reel Slots

Three reel slots are perhaps the simplest casino game found online. These games are also called traditional or classic slots. With these games, players will have only three reels of symbols. The games can have between 1 and 5 paylines and they are known to be the most affordable games in the casino. With three reel slots, players will enjoy a simple game. While most of these do not have a bonus round, some games will use a wild symbol, which can help players create more wining combinations. Three reel slots are the best choice for beginner players who have never gambled in the past. Since the games are so basic, they are easy to learn and players will enjoy the payouts.

Some three reel slots are also progressive games, so players will have to pay close attention to the cost of the spins. With these games, players will usually have the ability to select between different coin denominations so they can place bets that help them maintain their casino budgets.

Video Slots

Video slot games are by far the most popular in any casino and with European online casinos, players will have literally hundreds of titles to choose from. These games make up the largest selection in a casino and players will enjoy playing games that offer anywhere from 9 to 100 paylines. These are five reel slot games that often offer a great theme and amazing graphics and animations. With video slots, players will benefit from wilds and scatters and most of the games offered will have one or more bonus rounds for increased payouts. These games can also be progressive jackpot slots.

When choosing a video slot, players should look for a game that is affordable and attractive. These games offer multiple coin denominations, which can be altered to suit any casino budget. Video slots are the hits of online casinos and many of these games offer awesome themes, like comic book themes such as the Marvel Comic slots from Playtech. Other themes that are common include mythology, movies, fantasy and sports. No matter what interests a player has, they will sure to find an amazing video slot that will meet all of their needs online. More information about slots can be found by visiting the following comprehensive guide on slots here:


Blackjack has long been considered a casino classic and this game has been enjoyed for many years. In online casinos, players can play a standard game of blackjack and use all the sane strategies they would if they were playing in a land based casino. The great benefit of playing online blackjack is the game variations. Many online casinos will have five, if not 10 or more blackjack games that can all be enjoyed for real money wagering. The best online casinos will also offer free blackjack games and these are very beneficial to new players who are just learning the rules of the game.

In addition to the many variants that are offered, some online casinos will also have live dealer blackjack. This game is played in real time and is simulcast from a land location. Allowing online players to interact with others at the table and enjoy the most realistic blackjack experience possible. There are also blackjack games that offer side bets, where players can place small wagers and have the chance to win a progressive payout. Blackjack is an easy game to learn and has remained a popular table game for millions of European players online. The game is offered at just about every online casino operating and players will love the many formats of the game, including multi-hand options.

Video Poker

Video poker is a great game for players who enjoy the action of poker games but do not wish to compete against other players or a dealer. With video poker, players will have different game variations that are available and most are based on the standard rules of Jacks or Better. These games are a great choice for any player online and they offer the best odds in the casino, making them a popular choice for anyone that wishes to have the best chances at winning. With video poker games, players will have to create the best ranking poker hands from five cards.

Some online casinos offer multi-hand versions of these games, which will allow players to enjoy between 1 and 100 hands at the same time. These games offer the best excitement and payouts, though they can b costly because a bet is placed on each hand being played. With video poker, players can bet a maximum of five coins per hand and will have the ability to change the coin denominations. This game is a top choice for many and is featured at all the best European online casinos.


When players think of table games in a casino setting, they will often picture the roulette table. This game has always been a favourite for players and with multiple betting options, there are great strategies that can be used to increase winnings. Online Roulette games can be found in different variations, with the most popular being American, European and French roulette. There are also multi-wheel roulette games that can be enjoyed. When playing roulette online, players should always understand the rules and should take time to review the bets and the odds that are offered.

Since roulette is a popular game like Blackjack, online casinos also offer a live version of the game. There are also many online casinos that have free roulette, which is a great way to practice placing bets and developing strategies without risking any real money. With online roulette, players will find amazing graphics and tables that depict the true games in land casinos and the payouts can be quite impressive. There are also progressive versions of the game available. Roulette is a classic casino game and it can easily be found in any online casino.