Germany Online Casino Gambling

Like many members of the European Union, Germany has along history when it comes to laws pertaining to gambling. When it comes to land based gambling, players have many choices. With Germany split into 16 states and all allowing gambling, there are some great locations t enjoy casino games. Even though this type of gambling is allowed, Germany has strict laws that prohibit online gambling. In 2008, a law was passed that made all forms of online gambling completely illegal in Germany. The ban covers all traditional casino games as well as online poker, Bingo and sports betting. Under the law, it is possible for the government to order certain providers to block customer access if they find that the player is a German resident.

These laws have been put into place to protect German residents from the downfalls of online gambling, but they were really designed to protect the state run casinos in the country. It is believed that if German residents are allowed to gamble online, the revenue of the land casinos will fall dramatically, hurting the overall German economy. While these laws do sound quite strict, many players will still seek out an off shore casino and gamble for real money.

There are a number of off shore casinos that will not report to specific governments, making it possible for German players cerate real money accounts and play online. While they are taking a chance, they do not have many choices if they truly wish to engage in this form of gambling. To date, no individual has been fined for playing in an online casino, so players will continue to do so until the German gambling laws change. While there have been minor changes to the current laws, it remained an illegal activity for any resident to gamble online.

This all changed in 2012 when a small quirk in the law allowed a legal way for Germans to gamble online. One of the country’s 16 states created its own gambling laws where 50 licensed were granted to online casinos poker rooms and sports betting sites. Now, players can play in these sites and know they are not breaking any gambling laws. In the future, it is believed that more states will follow suit, opening up the doors for online gambling to become completely legal in the coming years.

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