Netherlands Online Casino Gambling

The Netherlands is one country in the world that is well known for its relaxed laws and regulations on drugs and prostitution, but when it comes to gambling, the liberal attitude has a string stance. Online gambling is legal to Dutch players only if the site they are playing at is hosted right in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, there are no licensed and operating online casinos in this country. The Dutch government has not issued a single license to online casinos and they take a great amount of time and effort to prevent residents from betting at off shore sites. However, it is virtually impossible to restrict players from accessing the hundreds of sites that are operating online. While online gambling is prohibited, residents do have the ability to bet on sports online. However, most people are looking for casino action, which will lead them to the many off shore casinos that will accept them as a real money player and offer the games to play.

It is believed that e online gambling laws will be changing in 2015, when the government is supposed to issue some licensed to allow operators to provide gambling sites in the country. With these, there will be very strict guidelines that must be followed to maintain the license. The Dutch government will also be dropping the tax rate from the high 29% to just 20% on all profits hat are from online gambling. While these new laws have not been confirmed yet, it is hopeful information for players who are now playing at off shore sites and taking their chances.

Until the Netherlands license online casinos, players have no choice by to play off shore if they wish to engage in online gambling. Luckily, there are many sites that cater to these players by supporting the Dutch language, local currencies and supporting the best payment methods to be used. With these off shore casinos, players do still have to report their winnings to the government and pay the appropriate taxes. With off shore casinos, Dutch players can enjoy the best selection of games from leading providers in the industry. This presents them with a well rounded selection where they will always find something they enjoy and a game that will fit their casino budgets.

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