Norway Online Casino Gambling

Norway has some strict rules and laws that pertain to online gambling and the government tries to protect residents from engaging in gambling acts that may result in further problems. At this time, Norway only has two betting companies that are state owned. These companies offer animal based sports betting, lottery betting and instant betting. Norway does not promote online gambling and has actually looked to other countries like the US to create gambling laws that prevent players from playing real money games in online sites. In 2010, Norway passed a law to restrict off shore casinos from attracting players to their sites. The law also made it difficult for Norway players to conduct real money transactions at online casinos. Unfortunately for players, Norway has turned down membership to the European Union, not once, but twice, so the gambling laws are bound to stay in place for some time.

Even though the act of online gambling is not supported in Norway, players have still been able to enjoy gambling in off shore casinos. Over the past few years, many of the leading casino sites in the industry have admitted to offering services to players from Norway and there were no penalties involved. This means that players can select top rated international casinos and still play all their favourite online games for real money. To locate the best casino for a player from Norway, players should ensure the site is licensed and regulated and that it offers local currencies and languages. P{layers will also have to make sure they have a secure ay to conduct transactions since bank transfers and some credit cards cannot be used due to current gambling laws.

With these restrictions in place, some Norwegian players will not try to gamble online, but others will find that they can easily select an online casino that will meet all of their needs. Dong this can result in some massive real money payouts as online casinos are best known for having better payouts than land based casinos. Players from Norway will also benefit from outstanding bonuses and promotions which can all add free money to their casino accounts, allowing them to play more of the games they enjoy and have the chance to collect payouts online.

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